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Quiche Browser is a web browser for iOS with an extensive range of customization options, to suit your usage, needs, and visual preferences. Create your perfect browser user interface: feature-packed for power users, lean for minimalists who want to minimize distractions and maximize webpage space.






Supported devices: iPhone
Minimum requirement: iOS 16.4
Download size: 15.3 MB
Install size: 19.5 MB


About the Developer

Greg de J, a French developer living in Tokyo, designed and built Quiche Browser for himself out of love for minimal interfaces, and tired of the decades-old browser conventions no one dares challenge.

Greg has ditched all other browsers from his phone since then.

After writing JavaScript at Google for 5 years, Greg left to become an iOS developer.
Before Quiche Browser, he made Quiche Reader (formerly Reading Queue), a minimal read-later app featured twice on Lifehacker.

Why "Quiche"